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As an executive living abroad and travelling extensively, the pressures of work and family were becoming unmanageable. Barbara’s coaching helped me to uncover and confront the beliefs that were undermining my success.

By helping me better understand my strengths and manage myself, Barbara enabled me to focus my efforts and achieve more satisfaction in my professional and home life.

Vice President, Technical Services - Asia Pacific, Japan, & Greater China 


It’s been an amazing experience and great learning for me to work with Barbara. She is a person that is an extreme good listener, allowing me to feel at ease and reflect on my performance, she has provided very impressive inputs and responses to my learning and development needs.

In addition, by deploying practical tools as well as pointing me to relevant subject matter literature, she has been able to revise my mindset and allow me to be more conscious in my working life. The benefits this coaching program has delivered is making a remarkable change to my development at work, but just as importantly to my personal life.

Director, Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain EMEAR 


Executive Mandala and team have delivered their Building Resilience program to our organisation over the past couple of years. Feedback has shown the program strengthens the ‘individual’ and arms them with tools to awaken their inner strength and mindfulness.

Exercises such as STOP, Mindful Walking and the Emotional Episode Diary to name but a few each contributed towards developing awareness to one’s surroundings and how they may or may not chose to react.

In these times of growing uncertainty, change and challenge, this offering goes beyond developing core capabilities to nurturing and strengthening the mind.

Director Human Resources, First Data | Australia & New Zealand 


My experience with Barbara was transformational. I’ve had a number of previous engagements in group and individual coaching, and have received feedback through a number of ‘instruments’ as well to help me in my leadership journey.

However, none were more effective than the tools that Barbara used, and she also was very unique in her approach – patient, kind, clear, and more ‘holistic’ than any other coaching engagement I have ever experienced. The result for me were very fundamental shifts that have improved my leadership effectiveness considerably.

Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain Operations 


When running a business there is no end to the tasks that you need to perform. Everyone wants a piece of you including your family.

Working with Barbara has enabled me to understand what I need to do to manage this. For me it is all about focusing and being mentally engaged rather than constantly worrying about what might be.

Gearhouse Broadcasting, Finance Director 


Over the past decade, Barbara has provided executive coaching as well as career planning for me and members of my management team. We have been able to appreciate our individual and collective leadership styles, understand our underlying drivers, and to make changes as necessary.

She has also made us aware of stress management techniques as well as encouraging us to be more self aware, which has further improved our interpersonal relationships and ... improved our productivity.

Bupa Australia Group, Head of Business & Clinical Analysis  

As a newly promoted executive, Barbara has helped me realise that a balanced approach to my work is a true hallmark of success. Her coaching highlighted that my work practices were robbing me of the very strength and insight which led to my promotion in the first place.

With her help I have now developed skills that allow me to work in a more considered relaxed manner.

House With No Steps, Finance Director 

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