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Only our rich personal resources can fuel us to become, and then sustain ourselves, as effective leaders. These skills can only truly be revealed from deep awareness and a genuine rigor to ask the questions that will make the most difference. Then, one must apply these learnings and understandings day to day to create success in every aspect of our business (and life) which require them.

Barbara’s brilliant and insightful guidance will unlock the exact resources to take you on a bold, fulfilling and richly rewarding experience which will, without question, make an enormous and lasting difference in any area you have the courage to delve into. The beauty and wisdom of this approach is there is nothing to be ‘fixed’, only forged, and with that comes such instinctive repair and sustained alignment.

A journey not to be underestimated nor missed. After 31 years of running my own company, I feel renewed and resourced in a way which was long overdue and genuinely welcomed.

Dean Carey CEO, Founder & Director, Actors Centre Australia August 24, 2018

As an executive living abroad and travelling extensively, the pressures of work and family were becoming unmanageable. Barbara’s coaching helped me to uncover and confront the beliefs that were undermining my success.

By helping me better understand my strengths and manage myself, Barbara enabled me to focus my efforts and achieve more satisfaction in my professional and home life.

Janet Ramey Vice President, Technical Services - Asia Pacific, Japan, & Greater China September 6, 2015

It’s been an amazing experience and great learning for me to work with Barbara. She is a person that is an extreme good listener, allowing me to feel at ease and reflect on my performance, she has provided very impressive inputs and responses to my learning and development needs.

In addition, by deploying practical tools as well as pointing me to relevant subject matter literature, she has been able to revise my mindset and allow me to be more conscious in my working life. The benefits this coaching program has delivered is making a remarkable change to my development at work, but just as importantly to my personal life.

Edwin de Boer Director, Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain EMEAR September 10, 2015


My experience with Barbara was transformational. I’ve had a number of previous engagements in group and individual coaching, and have received feedback through a number of ‘instruments’ as well to help me in my leadership journey.

However, none were more effective than the tools that Barbara used, and she also was very unique in her approach – patient, kind, clear, and more ‘holistic’ than any other coaching engagement I have ever experienced. The result for me were very fundamental shifts that have improved my leadership effectiveness considerably.

Jeff Gallinat Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain Operations September 20, 2015

When running a business there is no end to the tasks that you need to perform. Everyone wants a piece of you including your family.

Working with Barbara has enabled me to understand what I need to do to manage this. For me it is all about focusing and being mentally engaged rather than constantly worrying about what might be.

Fraser McWilliam Gearhouse Broadcasting, Finance Director September 18, 2015

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