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Whilst working in a senior executive role herself, and coaching senior level executives from multi-national corporations, Director and founder of Executive Mandala, Barbara Jones became personally and acutely aware of the bewildering array of demands placed on executives in our modern corporate world, and how very difficult it was for them (and her) to sustain the level of mental perspective and energy necessary to get everything done.

In 2009 Executive Mandala was founded to serve the needs of corporate leaders, but not in the same old, same old way.

Our service goal:  Executive Mandala works with leaders helping them to firstly develop the deep level of psychological insight which is fundamental to building the resilience necessary to mastering all aspects of leadership capability.  And, it is the only platform from which substantive and sustainable change can occur.

Our philosophy: We believe, (and we know from our own research with executives), that for leadership development efforts to last, and to therefore be most cost effective, a shift in the leaders’ consciousness is necessary.  This is the fundamental platform.

We work closely with our clients right from when agreement to proceed with a project is reached.  Getting to know you and your business is critical to the success of any project we will engage in with you.

Our people have all worked in executive roles in corporations, so we understand what it’s like to run businesses in today’s fast-paced global corporate arena.
We commit each day to living by our espoused values:

Wisdom; Integrity; Strength
Which we deliver through our key lines of business:

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