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At Executive Mandala we are very different:

All our leadership development approaches are built around an integral process, which is based on our own successful research with Australian and international leaders.

Not only the outer, but also the inner demands of the executive are addressed. The assessment instruments we use are highly sophisticated, globally validated, and enable us to illuminate these challenges for the leader, giving them a head-start on building stronger, more resilient foundations for their leadership capability overall.

The work we do with executives at the front end of any development intervention, whether group or individual, is in-depth, making substantive and sustainable change achievable.

This means that ultimately, leadership development becomes more cost effective.

Our key differential is that we firstly help our clients to build deep psychological insight, which is the only critical front-end capability platform from which authentic, sustainable change can occur. The major benefit of this work, whilst not an overnight quick-fix, is that it serves to ultimately speed up change, and these changes then hold. This also builds resilience, adaptability and focus, which in turn strengthens creative thinking ability and problem resolution.

So, how will your leaders navigate today’s challenges whist remaining resilient?

Executive Mandala was set up specifically to help executives strengthen not only those capabilities which already form the mainstay of their success, but also to develop individual and team resilience which enables them to work more effectively within today’s challenging and increasingly complex environment.

The same old, same old ways of leading no longer provide leaders with the ability to face these levels of complexity and challenge. Recent research in over 100 companies going through change has highlighted that up to 85% of these change efforts fail in many ways. That means just 15% success rate! So, what is missing, and how do we help leaders to effectively deal with these challenges?

In a corporate world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the new norm, many leaders are in over their heads at present. At Executive Mandala, we believe for substantive and sustainable change to be possible – especially in this environment where resilience is vital – a shift in consciousness is necessary.

At Executive Mandala, we help companies to develop first class leaders through our key services:

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Who We Are and How We Are Different

leadership development consulting

Leadership Development Consulting

We work with you to diagnose and then create the most effective learning and development experiences for your executives.

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Leadership Coaching

Assist executives at a number of levels within your organisation to develop the depth of self awareness and people management skills

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Executive Mind Centre

At the Executive Mandala Mind Centre we offer programs to enhance Mindful Equanimity, Systems Thinking and Emotional Balance

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Are You a Resilient Leader?

This quiz contains a list of 12 short questions that will reveal how resilient you are as a leader.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Only our rich personal resources can fuel us to become, and then sustain ourselves, as effective leaders. These skills can only truly be revealed from deep awareness and a genuine rigor to ask the questions that will make the most difference. Then, one must apply these learnings and understandings day to day to create success in every aspect of our business (and life) which require them.

Barbara’s brilliant and insightful guidance will unlock the exact resources to take you on a bold, fulfilling and richly rewarding experience which will, without question, make an enormous and lasting difference in any area you have the courage to delve into. The beauty and wisdom of this approach is there is nothing to be ‘fixed’, only forged, and with that comes such instinctive repair and sustained alignment.

A journey not to be underestimated nor missed. After 31 years of running my own company, I feel renewed and resourced in a way which was long overdue and genuinely welcomed.

Dean Carey CEO, Founder & Director, Actors Centre Australia August 24, 2018

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