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Julie Heit, Manager, Ancillary Utilisation Review, Health & Benefits Management, Bupa Australia.

Over the past  6 years I have been given the opportunity to work with Barbara and her team at Executive Mandala  on both a professional and personal level.

But it is the work that we have done together over the past two years which have had the biggest impact on my life.

I have been taken on a journey which at times was frightening and confrontational and there were times when I often felt like throwing the whole thing in.

The skills taught and tools provided have been invaluable in helping me deal with managing the demands of not only of having to achieve high targets for the business, but also in developing, supporting and nurturing a diverse team of people in different States, managing  a high achieving manager and most importantly managing myself  and my personal life.

These skills have been wide and varied and have included time management, mindfulness, the STOP exercise, meditation, team profiling and team workshops.

Learning about each team members’ individual profile enabled our team to more readily accept each other, acknowledge their differences and draw on their individual strengths to achieve results back to the business which had never been experienced before.

The investment made has seen myself become:

  • less stressed,
  • more organised,
  • less irrational and
  • more productive,
  • and more importantly, seen my team become:

one of the highest performing teams in the business achieving  120% above the targets that we were set for the year.

I have learned that no one is perfect and perfectionism is a behaviour that can be changed, we all fail at something  and failure is nothing to be afraid of, and everything we do or change are  just lessons in our ever evolving journey.

Thank you for taking me there!



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